API Tokens

When using Manifold you typically use your email address and password to authenticate, but what if you want to access your resources programmatically?

You need an API token.

Access Control

Each new access token is given one of our pre-defined roles:

  • read: Read-only access to everything except credentials/config
  • read-credentials: Read-only access to everything including config
  • write: Full access to manage resources and config
  • admin: Complete access to all aspects of the account

An API token can be owned by a User or by a Team. If owned by a User the token is given the specified role across all projects the user has access to. If owned by a team the token is restricted to projects owned by the team.

Manage Tokens

Currently you can manage your access tokens through our CLI tool using the tokens command.

$ manifold tokens create
✔ Token Description: Travis-CI readonly access for WWW
✔ read-credentials
Token              [redacted]
Description        Travis-CI readonly access for WWW

Be sure to save your token in a safe place! We won't be able to show you it again.

You can view and delete tokens using manifold tokens list and manifold tokens delete.

Using Your Token


Each of our integrations offer guidance on authentication using API tokens.

Command Line

For the Manifold CLI you need to supply the token as the ENV variable MANIFOLD_API_TOKEN. Once added to the environment, subsequent operations will authenticate using the token.