When working with the Manifold CLI tool you need to specify in which context you're executing the command. This is manually defined through command flags, or inferred from the tool's context.


When viewing each command's definition you will see the available flags which can be defined during execution. The following flags pertain to the context in which the tool operates:

  • --project which is used for grouping resources
  • --me or --team which is the owner of the project or resource

Each flag will alter the effect of your action, and the output you receive during execution.


The switch command allows you to set a default context to be used with every command, removing the need to specify a --team or --me flag with each execution.

For this example we will be Jane Smith, who is a user but also a member of the ACME Inc.

$ manifold switch
? Switch To:
    Jane Smith (
  ▸ ACME Inc (acme)

Once ACME Inc is selected, our context is indefinitely changed to that team. This means that you no longer have to specify the --team acme flag for each execution.

$ manifold switch
✔ Switch To: ACME Inc (acme)
You're now operating under the "ACME Inc" team.

When you're ready to operate as yourself, on your personal resources, simply call switch again and select your user account. Subsequent commands will then be operated as if --me has been defined.