To configure your application for Manifold, create a .manifold.yml file in the root folder, or run manifold init to generate one like so:

# .manifold.yml
team: my-team
project: my-project

This allows manifold run to assume arguments from its context:

# with .manifold.yml
manifold run -- [COMMAND]

# without .manifold.yml
manifold run --team my-team --project my-project -- [COMMAND]

It just saves typing as well as you—or your team—accidentally trying to access the wrong credentials.


Currently, it supports 2 values, team and project.

| Option    | Default  | Description                        |
| --------- | -------- | ---------------------------------- |
| `team`    | (none)   | Set the team label for this app    |
| `project` | (none)   | Set the project label for this app |


Based on your needs, adding additional .manifold.yml files within sub-directories will take precedence over the file in parent directories, in case you have nested Manifold applications.