What is Manifold?

Manifold is the easiest way to find and manage essential developer services. We give you the freedom to use your favorite services with any cloud in one platform so you no longer have to sacrifice quality for ease of use.

How can I use Manifold?

Manifold allows you to discover, buy and manage the best services - from email to logging - on one platform across any cloud. We bring your favorite services and cloud of choice together in one place with one bill so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for ease of use.

What software and services are available on Manifold’s marketplace?

Great question, check out our services page for a list of our available products.

What platforms does Manifold work with?

Our cloud-agnostic platform lets you use your favorite services and connect them to the cloud of your choice – including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Who should use Manifold?

Whether you’re a new, experienced, or a developer working on a team, you should try out Manifold. We understand that modern developers today need to bring together a growing number of essential services to power their apps, from storage and compute to logging and email. What’s more, they need to use these services across clouds. Manifold give developers the freedom to use their favorite services on any cloud, because nobody should have to sacrifice quality for ease of use. We connect developers and service providers outside the confines of the monocloud, paving the way for smarter stacks and better apps.


How do you calculate how much I’m billed?

Manifold services are prorated based on usage. For example, this means that if a service costs $100/month and is active for ¼ of the month, you will be billed for ¼ of the monthly cost, so $25 in this example. Invoices are due on the 1st day of each month for the previous month’s usage.

Do I need to sign up with a credit card?

Nope! The only time you need to enter a credit (or debit) card is when you’re purchasing a paid plan.

Where do I enter this coupon code that I have?

At the top bar of your dashboard, you should see a button called “Redeem Coupon”. You can redeem any coupons you have there. As a note, coupon credits redeemed under a team cannot be shared amongst different teams or with the personal account, or vice versa.

Is Manifold free to use?

Manifold is 100% free to use. There is no cost to use the Manifold marketplace and we guarantee that there are no sneaky charges or hidden fees. You pay for the services you purchase through our marketplace but not for any of the integrations or tooling we build. Give us a try!


If I need support, who do I contact?

We provide a direct link to the support page of the service that you’re using so that any questions you may have about their service can be directed to them. For questions regarding billing, dashboard, or your Manifold account, you can contact us at support@manifold.co or hit the chat icon to send us a message.

How can I contact Manifold support?

The easiest way to contact us is through our chat at the bottom right of your dashboard. You can also email us at support@manifold.co.

How do I close my account?

Shoot us an email at support@manifold.co with a request to close your account, be sure to include the email you signed up with and the reason for closure. Note: if there is any remaining balance we will close the account after invoices have been paid.

Refer to the Manifold Privacy Policy for questions regarding retention

Feature questions: Teams

What is Teams?

Manifold Teams makes sharing resources easy with everyone on your team and it’s free. Connect your team with the services you use. With one invite, new teammates have access to everything they need through SSO. Now you can stop sending encrypted files because your team has secure access to your apps credentials on Manifold.

Who should use Teams?

Developers who works on a team should definitely give this feature a try.

How is my account different from a team account?

The team account can be shared with members of your team and will have its own billing profile. The resources provisioned under the team is technically ‘owned’ by the team and are separate from resources provisioned from your personal account. Additionally, you can have multiple teams under your personal account and you can be part of many other teams, but you only have one personal account (which is associated with your login).

How do I change the payment info on a team?

If you navigate to the gear icon next on the upper right corner, you’ll see a list of teams you’re on. Select the team you want to edit and change payment info there.

Can you use my payment info already on file for my team?

Unfortunately, each team and personal account has it’s own billing profile. You can add the same credit card in as a form of payment for different teams, but it will ask you to fill that out if you’re purchasing for the first time under a newly created team.

How do I add/remove someone from a team?

Click on the gear icon on the upper right hand corner to get to account settings, there you can see a list of all your teams. Choose the team that you want to edit and navigate to the list of the team members. Click the expand dots next to the member’s name to revoke membership. To add a new member, enter the member's name and email to add them to the team.

Does everyone on the team need an Manifold account?

Yes everyone on the team needs their own Manifold account.