What is Manifold?

Manifold is the easiest way to find and manage essential developer services. We give you the freedom to use your favorite services with any cloud in one platform so you no longer have to sacrifice quality for ease of use.

How can I use Manifold?

Manifold allows you to discover, buy and manage the best services, from email to logging, on one platform across any cloud. We bring your favorite services and cloud of choice together in one place with one bill so you don’t have to sacrifice quality for ease of use.

What software and services are available on Manifold’s marketplace?

View our services page for a complete list of our currently-available products. We’re adding new ones all the time!

What platforms does Manifold work with?

Our cloud-agnostic platform lets you use your favorite services and connect them to the cloud of your choice – including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Who should use Manifold?

Whether you’re a new, experienced, or a developer working on a team, you should try out Manifold. We understand that modern developers today need to bring together a growing number of essential services to power their apps, from storage and compute to logging and email. What’s more, they need to use these services across clouds. Manifold give developers the freedom to use their favorite services on any cloud, because nobody should have to sacrifice quality for ease of use. We connect developers and service providers outside the confines of the monocloud, paving the way for smarter stacks and better apps.


How do you calculate how much I’m billed?

Manifold services are prorated based on usage. For example, this means that if a service costs $100/month and is active for ¼ of the month, you will be billed for ¼ of the monthly cost, so $25 in this example. Invoices are due on the 1st day of each month for the previous month’s usage.

Do I need to sign up with a credit card?

Nope! The only time you need to enter a credit (or debit) card is when you’re purchasing a paid plan.

Where do I enter my coupon code?

Billing Settings for Manifold

After signing up for an account and verifying your email, navigate to https://dashboard.manifold.co/settings/billing and locate the Add coupon code box near the bottom.

Is Manifold free to use?

Manifold is 100% free to use. You pay the exact same price provisioning services through our marketplace that you would signing up for each individually.

We share revenue from our service providers by bringing them more users. They get more users, you get the best independent cloud services managed from one central place. Win–win.

Why is there a $10 charge to my account?

Manifold places a $10 pre-authorization charge to your account for verification purposes. This is not actually billed to you, and is released after 7 days. Your actual charges will be calculated and billed to your account at the end of each month.


I have questions about a service I provisioned through Manifold.

piio-terrific-silver-chalice-megagon on Manifold

We don’t provide support for our third-party services. On each of your instances, you can find a link to their documentation under the “More” tab.

You can find our complete list of partner documentation here.

I have questions about my invoice or using the Manifold Dashboard

Email us at support@manifold.co. We’re happy to help!

How do I close my account?

Shoot us an email at support@manifold.co with the subject line “Close my account.”

In your email, be sure to include:

  • the email you signed up with (in case it differs from your reply email)
  • the reason for closure.

If there is any remaining balance, we cannot close the account until invoices have been paid in full. We’re happy to assist you with this to ensure a smooth process.

Refer to the Manifold Privacy Policy for questions regarding retention


Who should use Teams?

Any developer that works on a team should use Manifold Teams! Teams are free to create, and each team can have unlimited projects for free. You can create as many teams as you need based on your unique structure and project load.

How are team accounts different from personal accounts?

Any projects and resources created by a team is accessible by all members of that team.

You can still control access, allowing some team members to edit billing info and create new resources, but not others. The complete list of permissions levels for team members is here.

How do I edit my team?

Teams on Manifold

Clicking on Teams in the sidebar, followed by Edit next to the team you’d like to edit, will let you manage Billing, Team Members, and Team Name.

Can you use my payment info from my personal account?

Each team has its own, separate billing profile separate from any personal accounts. This makes it easy to transfer and manage billing methods. You can use the same card number to manage multiple accounts, though!

Does everyone on the team need their own Manifold account?

Yes. We make this as easy as possible with a 1-click signup with GitHub.