Getting Started

How can I get onto the Manifold marketplace?

If you have a service that you’d like to add to the Manifold marketplace, or if there’s a service that you think should be on it but isn’t, contact us at and we can get a conversation started!

What does it take to get onto the marketplace?

We’ll set up a call with your team, and if you’re a good fit for our marketplace, we’ll move forward with the integration. The integration requires for you to implement a set of HTTP endpoints (ref: Provider API) as part of your stack so that you can integrate with our identity, billing and provisioning features. After that and after we add your product’s information into our database, you’ll have the ability to test and validate your product’s data through our provider dashboard. Once that’s complete, you’re basically set!

What languages are supported?

Manifold provides the following Signature SDKs, making it easy for a provider to verify any incoming requests from Manifold:

Please reach out to us if we're missing the language of your choice.

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