We offer a few different methods for installing our tool, you may select the one which is best for your environment (macOS, Linux, Windows).

Direct Download

You can easily install one of our direct downloads using our install script, which automatically downloads and installs through cURL and Bash.

curl -o- | sh

You can customize the install directory, profile, and version using the MANIFOLD_DIR, PROFILE and MANIFOLD_VERSION variables.

Eg: curl ... | MANIFOLD_DIR=/usr/local sh for a global install.


Homebrew (macOS package manager) is the easiest way to install Manifold. First you should install the package manager via

Next we can brew install using our package namespace as follows:

$ brew install manifoldco/brew/manifold-cli

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Now you're ready to get started, we'll walk you through the primary functions of the CLI.

Continue to our Quickstart guide.