Guide to Integrating with Manifold

Integrating into our Marketplace can be broken down into essentially 2 phases, local development and stage testing. We expand a bit on these stages below to show you a typical integration process.

Phase 1 - Local Development

  • Performed by you, the provider, with full support from our provider squad via
  • Grafton is our standalone integration testing CLI you will be using to test your integration endpoints. It can be used for unit testing your endpoints as well as via a new beta feature (a built in marketplace) to integration test.

The key functionalities required to integrate are two endpoints on your end. They enable the following interactions with Manifold:

You build and test your endpoints using Grafton locally. Feel free to reach out to for help at any time, we have an entire team dedicated to helping make this step quick and easy.

Our docs:

We encourage you to read more on this site, which expand on the above. Links to signature verification libraries are in the documentation as well as on our Github account. If you want to dive deeper, our api specs are found here


Having easy access to your dashboard is a key value prop our users love. Think single pane of glass for teams to reach all of their services' dashboards. To enable this we highly recommend you support SSO from us to you. Full documentation on SSO can be found here

Good references / examples:

We have an ever growing list of open source sample provider code bases, feel free to snoop through Manifoldco and check them out. Some commonly referenced ones are linked here:

Phase 2 - Stage Testing

  • Performed by you, with Manifold's direct support
  • Ping us at and we will invite you into your very own Provider Team in Manifold. This gives you access to the provider dashboard.
  • In the dashboard, create new product(s) and plans, filling in pricing, etc etc (see this doc for a walk through, or check out our catalog of existing providers to see some real examples.

Your provider dashboard is also the portal in which you will be able to see errors, fill out your corporate billing information (we use Stripe Connect to pay you) as well as see your monthly receipts.

How to test with Manifold:

  1. Once you have created your product and plans, you generate new client_id and client_secrets for Manifold to sign and communicate with your API via Grafton.
  • example: grafton credentials rotate --provider your-name --product product-label
  1. Also, instead of using the masterkey.json file that grafton uses locally, you use the public Manifold signing key shown here
  2. Using Manifold's dashboard UI, live test your product and plan.
  3. Edit / Modify plans and products as much as needed.
  4. Let us know you are ready to go live! By now we hope you have chatted with us (we are friendly), but if not, ping us at and let us know you are ready to go.

Production Go Live

For a soft launch, Manifold makes your listing publicly available. For sanity check, we generally gather a few people internally to check that all of your copy, images, and functionalities work. Once good, and you are happy, we flick a switch and you officially become live on our marketplace :-)