Guide to Launching Your Service on Manifold

Integrating your product into our Marketplace happens in four steps: Provider Dashboard provision, local development, product and plans creation and stage testing. We go into more depth on these steps below to show you a typical integration process.

Step 1 - Provider Dashboard Provision

To start, you will provision the Manifold Provider Dashboard service to enable you as a Provider on Manifold. Visit our Manifold Provider Dashboard service details page to get started. If you don’t have a Manifold account yet, you’ll be prompted to sign up and then redirected. Once you’re on the service details page, continue forward by clicking “Create Manifold Provider Dashboard Resource”:


Manifold Provider Dashboard Resource (Manifold user context)

After you’ve clicked “Create Manifold Provider Dashboard Resource”, you will have created an instance of the Provider Dashboard available as a resource in your account. The Provider Dashboard works the same way as other resources work; it is a place inside your account where you are able to retrieve credentials and, if you should choose, assign the Provider Dashboard to a team.

The other area of this service you’ll be interacting with as a Provider is the actual Manifold Provider Dashboard service, where you’ll make your Marketplace listing and plans. It is always accessible by clicking the button in the top right of the Resource page (opens link in a new tab). You’ll be prompted to name your organization to begin.


Before you can add products in your Manifold Provider Dashboard (more to come on that later), you need to do some Local Development. Read about how to do that below.

Step 2 - Local Development

Grafton is a standalone integration testing CLI. It is used for testing your product endpoints' communication to our marketplace.

Key functionality to test for

There are two endpoints required for integration. These endpoints enable the following interactions with Manifold, which occur between users and your service hosted on the marketplace:

Using Grafton locally enables you to build and test your endpoints ensuring they can complete the above actions.

Having easy access to your service dashboards from Manifold is a key value prop our users love. Users never need to remember separate dashboard logins, making SSO support highly valuable and increases efficiency. To enable this we recommend integrating support SSO from Manifold to your service. In fact, the link from your newly created resource to your Provider Dashboard is the exact same SSO process.

Full provider documentation

We encourage you to read more about being a Provider on Manifold. Links to signature verification libraries are in the Grafton documentation as well as on our Github account. If you want to dive deeper, read our API specs.

Good References/Examples

We have an ever growing list of open source sample provider code bases, feel free to snoop through Manifoldco and check them out.

Some commonly referenced ones are linked here:

Step 3 - Product and Plans creation

Remember the button that takes you to your Manifold Provider Dashboard back in Step 1? It’s time to come back to it and visit your Manifold Provider Dashboard.

Now that you know your product works properly with our API endpoints, you can go ahead and fill out the information that will create your service listing on our marketplace.

Open up our Supported Plan Models documentation and follow along to see how to build your Product and Plans.

Step 4 - Stage Testing

This step is performed by you inside your Provider Dashboard. It essentially follows the flow of acting as a user provisioning a resource.

How to test with Manifold:

  1. Once you have created your product and plans, the Provider Dashboard will generate new client_id and client_secrets in your Credentials pane inside your Manifold Provider Dashboard Resource - these will be the real credentials you use to communicate with our marketplace
  2. Also, instead of using the masterkey.json file that grafton uses locally, you use the public Manifold signing key shown here
  3. Using Manifold's dashboard UI, live test your product and plan (only you will be able to see your Product, it’s hidden to anyone outside your user or team context)
  4. Edit / Modify plans and products to ensure all functionality works
  5. When you are happy with your product and do not require any further editing, hit the “submit for approval” button in the top right of the screen - please be aware you will not be able to edit your product after you go live!

Production Go Live

We will do a bit of QA on our end and your product will go live. We’ll email you once it is live to let you know!