Integrations Overview

We want you to create and manage your services like a developer.

This means integrating with the frameworks that power your stack. We make it easy to integrate your secrets and configuration both manually and programmatically using these integrations:

Manifold CLI

The best way to work with your configuration in development is our command line utility. You can manage services, add your own configuration and share it with your team. Everyone stays up to date when you use the CLI.

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If you're like us, you describe your infrastructure as code. Terraform makes it easy to manage your stack. Using our terraform provider it's easy to define which configuration is needed where to deploy throughout your stack.

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Container management is a growing area of concern for devops. One of the most popular solutions today is Kubernetes. Using a Kubernetes controller and custom resource definition, we've made it easy to directly integrate your Manifold configuration.

Integrate with Kubernetes


With Ansible’s server automation framework, you can solve problems once and then automate your solutions. The Manifold Ansible lookup plugin provides secure secret management, so that you can avoid hard-coding credentials and configuration variables in your Ansible environment config files. Secret management also allows easy access to managed cloud resources provisioned in Manifold.

Integrate with Ansible


Delivering configuration directly to your application, without the need to copy and paste or save secrets to disk is an important aspect of application security. The Manifold Laravel package allows you to connect to your Manifold account and pull your service credentials and config directly into your Laravel application.

Integrate with Laravel