What does it mean to be a service provider on Manifold?

Manifold offers an ecosystem of best in class cloud services for developers who are looking to build amazing applications. We partner with cloud service providers who are dedicated to improving developer experience, and making it easy to build products that people love.

We offer a streamlined way for developers to purchase, provision, and manage all of their favorite cloud services all in one place, with minimal fuss. For service providers, all you have to do is provide an amazing service, we take care of account management, billing, upgrades/downgrades, all you have to worry about is receiving your check at the end of the month.

How can I get onto the Manifold marketplace?

Integrating with Manifold requires you to implement a set of HTTP endpoints (ref: Provider API) as part of your stack so that you can integrate with our identity, billing and provisioning features.

To begin integrating, please email and we'll guide you through the process.

What is the difference between a resource, product and a service?

A “service” is what you have built and want to integrate into the Manifold marketplace. Each service maps to a “product” on our end. A product is something that is sold on the marketplace. Each product has “plans” that define the different tiers of which the product can be purchased. A user can provision a “resource” or an instance of a plan of a product on Manifold. Each resource contains one set of credentials (values, secrets, keys) required to access the provider’s service.

How can users use Manifold to connect to my service?

When a user is interested in connecting to your service, they first find the product in our catalog, select a plan that they’d like, and creates a resource. Once a user creates a resource, our platform hits your API to create an instance of your service on your end and to retrieve the credentials. We then store the credentials in a resource that the user can now access through our dashboard.

User selects a product: Provision-1

User selects plan, adds associated project and names the resource: Provision-2

Provisioning in progress - Provision Request: Provision-4

Provision Succesful - Fetch Credentials: Provision-3

Resource has been added to user's dashboard: Provision-5

Users can also use our dashboard to SSO into the websites of the service’s they’ve provisioned. When a user requests to SSO into a resource’s dashboard, our platform generates an OAuth code and the user gets redirected to the service’s website with the code. The service’s website retrieves the OAuth code from the redirect URL and gets the session details with the code. Our platform then returns the session details and presents the relevant dashboard to the user.

User clicks button to SSO into resource dashboard: SSO-1

OAuth token sent to Manifold by provider: SSO-2

Session information sent to provider by Manifold: SSO-3

User has logged into provider dashboard in context of the resource they SSO'd in with: SSO-4

Do you have other questions?

Please reach out to and we will be happy to help.