Supported Plan Models

Manifold supports numerous ways to list and sell your resources. This document describes the building blocks of your plans and how to choose what you need using some examples. We are constantly iterating on supporting more pricing and plan models, so please let us know if you need something we don't support.


In order to build up a plan, you have to define features, they are the building blocks of any plan.

Features have:

  • Names (humans see this)
  • Labels (machines use this, i.e api calls, url slugs)
  • Feature types
    • eg: Support (type, string)

Feature types can be of the following types; you do not need to use all of them, and as many or as few as you would like.


  • string (example: 10000, blue, unlimited)
  • boolean (has feature or not, not selectable)


  • defined price per unit
    • this can have levels, for example first 10 calls are 10$/call and next 10000$ are 5$


  • list/array of options
    • customer can select from list of options
  • toggle-able (boolean)
    • customer can choose yes/no

Numerical Range

  • We allow for numbers ranges that can be specified with a specific price per range
    • For example, 10gb of log storage at 10$ a GB

Feature Type Example 1 where Choice Sandwich is the Name of the feature, the type is “string” with a value of Free Sandwich

image (4)

Feature Type Example 2 where Emails is the Name of the feature, the type is “string” with a value of 3000

image (5)

Feature Type Example 3 where Single Tenant is the Name of the feature, the type is “fixed” (toggle)

image (6)

Pricing Plan Models

A pricing model can be:

Fixed monthly

  • with numerous fixed features inside the plan

Example of a standard monthly plan:



  • Pricing is based on consumption of a feature
  • Can have a base price per month or not
  • Can be used as overage charge over a base monthly fee

Example A monthly price point as well as two metered features:

image (1)

Custom MONTHLY Plans

  • Customizable selections by the user that combined builds a price
    • You can also allow for customizing of base plans to limit the customization

Examples A user selection changes price points:

image (2) image (3)