Supported Plan Models

Manifold supports numerous ways to list and sell your service. This document describes the process of building your pricing plans through examples.


Each product you provide on the marketplace can have multiple tiers of pricing plans. To create a plan, you use your product’s features as building blocks. Each feature is created with a list of possible values. Values are then assigned to each feature per plan to create tiers of pricing.

The process overall can be broken into three steps: 1. Define your product’s features 2. Add the possible values for each feature 3. Create a plan from the features and selected values

It’s usually easiest to create the features with your most feature-heavy plan in mind.

For reference, this is how each plan – along with its defined features and price – will display in the marketplace.


Feature Types

Manifold supports multiple types of features, allowing you to build plans tailored to your specific product and business model. Below is a list of each feature type and how to use it.

Fixed Features

Fixed features are those with values that are set by you for the plan(s) they are available in. They come in two flavours, string and boolean.

Fixed String features

The following are inputs for a Fixed String feature:

  • Display name is the name of the feature (example: Transactions, Metric Retention, Trace Retention)
  • Value name is each possible value of the feature. For example, Transactions could have possible values of 10, 100, or 1000.

Important: Make sure to include every value that exists across all your plans as you will not be able to edit these or add additional ones when you begin to create plans in the next step.


Fixed Boolean Features

Boolean features can be either true or false, resulting in a yes or no value in the plan card. You will choose the boolean feature value when creating the plans in the next step.


Measurable Features

Measurable features lets your product measure the user’s usage of a feature and bill them accordingly. The following are inputs for creating a measurable feature:

  • Display name is the name of the feature (example: Video Effects - HD, A.I. Video Analysis)
  • Value name will be used as reference by the API
  • Suffix is the unit in which the feature is measured (example: Second)
  • Cost range limit / infinite is the amount of the feature that is included at each price point
  • Multiplier is the price in 10,000,000ths of a cent for what is being metered (example: It will calculate and display as $0.00066667, $0.000416667)

cost-range-infinite Cost Range Infinite example- a fixed per unit price no matter how much the user uses

cost-range-limits Cost Range Limit example- 0 - 135k seconds : 0 cents, 135k seconds - infinite : 10 cents = usage up to 135k are free, then $0.000666667 cents per second.

Plan creation

Using the features and values that you’ve created for your product, you can now build each plan by choosing which features and assigning the appropriate value. Below is a list of the form inputs and descriptions for each.


  • Plan name is what the plan will be referred to as in the marketplace. (ex. Free, Starter, Pro)
  • Label is used for reference in the API, your code and your URL on our marketplace
  • Cost is the base monthly cost of the plan, with any measured features being calculated and added on top.
  • Regions allow you to set any specific geographical areas your plan is made available. Note: if your require a region not yet listed, let us know by emailing
  • Plan Change Constraints allow you to define what plans can be upgraded and downgraded by users at any time
    • Toggling plan change constraints on will allow you to define a list of specific plans users can upgrade or downgrade to
    • Toggling plan change constraints on and leaving the list blank, will mean the plan cannot be changed

Adding features to a plan

  1. Select a feature from the dropdown you’d like to add to the plan and click ‘Add feature’
  2. In the same dropdown, assign a value to the feature for this plan
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until all features and values for the plan are added
  4. Ensure all the plans and feature sets are correct. You will not be able to change the plans once you submit your product for approval and go live

Editing Features and Plans

At this time, support for editing features and plans is in progress. It is best to try to get your product exactly how you'd like before you launch. Stay tuned to our Product Announcements for more updates as we launch new features.