Projects are at their heart, the encapsulation of everything your program needs to run. They hold the deployed resources that you've launched on Manifold, the custom configuration that you've added and the third-party apps that you use that are outside the scope of Manifold. Projects allow for some pretty neat things like auto injecting credentials into your programs and making them easily shareable with your entire team.

Projects contain Resources; you can find the documentation for them here

Adding Resources to your project

Resources can either be created under a project right away, or they can be added to a project after they have been created. Adding your resources to a project allows you to easily see all of their credentials under one project roof. This makes it simple to export your credentials into a .env file or inject them automatically into your programs using the CLI’s manifold run command.

Sharing your project

Projects can be shared with all of your team members by attaching the project to a team. You can do this on the creation of the project or by editing it after the fact. Any team member will then be able to view, access and control what happens with your project. Sharing your project with your team means fewer insecure secret transfers and more time everyone can focus on building great products. You can read more on teams & sharing here.

Project Credentials


$ manifold export [--project PROJECT_NAME][--team TEAM_NAME][--me (no team)]

This displays your credentials in your terminal. To save to a .env file in the current folder, run:

$ manifold export [options] > .env

You can also specify --format env|json|bash|powershell|fish|cmd to use a different format.


Dashboard project credentials

From the dashboard, you can retrieve the credentials from your project details page by either copying them to clipboard or exporting them to a downloadable .env file.

Linking your project

Using the Manifold CLI(cli docs or cli page) you can use manifold init to generate a .manifold.json file. This file tells the cli tool what project's credentials to inject into the environment at runtime.

manifold init will prompt you to select the project you want to link, but you can override this by adding --team or --me as well as --project.