Resources are the hosted instances of a Product that you have launched and are completely managed by our third party service providers. The Products on Manifold include everything from logging to elixir monitoring.

Create a Resource

When you create a resource, you are given the choices of both the Product and then the Plan of that product. You don't need to worry about choosing the wrong size plan because they can be resized at any time afterwards by editing the resource.

Once a resource is provisioned - you can access its credentials. The credentials allow you to connect/use the service and start integrating it into your application.

*Note: The name of the resource also converts into a label attribute. The label attribute is a lowercase hyphenated version of the name that is used in our CLI.*

Edit a Resource

When editing a resource, you can change the name, which project it is attached to and which team it is a part of. Doing any of the previous actions do not change the credentials or the type of plan that this resource has.

You can also change the resources product plan in edit mode to scale the resource up or down. There are some cases where you can not modify the resources plan to a new plan - this happens when your resource is on a shared plan, and you would like to move to a dedicated plan. For example, if you had a JawsDB Kitefin plan, you could not edit the resource and change the plan to Whitetip because the Whitetip plan implements itself as a single tenant.

Delete a Resource

Deleting a resource can take from a few seconds to a few minutes to process. You will stop being charged for the resource right away.


Credentials can be retrieved for either an entire project or a specific resource from either the web dashboard or the CLI. Credentials for a resource can be a anything from a single url for a postgres database or multiple keys for a different Service.

Credentials can also be exported or by using a project. From the dashboard you are able to export as a .env file or copy all to clipboard and from the CLI you are able to export the project credentials with the manifold export command.

Single Sign On

Each Product available on Manifold usually has their own dashboard or admin panel where you can see things like usage analytics. Manifold gives you the power to log into all of these dashboards and admin panels with just one account. When you create a resource, a link to the dashboard of that product is provided.


Manifold charges a time base usage fee down to the second. So while you see that a JawsDB Postgres Kitefin plan costs $5 a month, if you only have it alive for half the month - the charge would be $2.50. You can find out more about how Manifold does billing in our FAQ.