Manifold Teams allows you to share any project or resource with all of your teammates. Teams allows for easy credential sharing, so you can stop passing flash drives with unencrypted keys.

Create a Team

You can create a team by clicking the context on (It is the dropdown with your name on it) or by using the manifold teams create command. This dropdown lists all of the teams you belong to, the ones you have created, and your personal account. Once you name and create a team - you can start inviting teammates via their email.

Invite Teammates

Once your team is created, you can invite teammates to join. Manifold will send an invite email to them. Once they accept the invitation with either a new account or current account, they will have full access to your team's projects and resources account.


Read: A user with Read access can read all details of the team, the projects and the resources except for resource credentials.

Read Credentials: Everything in Read and the ability to read credentials.

Write: Everything in Read Credentials and the ability to create, update and delete projects and resources. This includes creating custom resources.

Admin: Everything in Write and the ability to update the teams billing, add/remove users and update user permissions on the team. An Admin can also create/read API Tokens for the team.

Accessing a Team’s Credentials

Manifold uses something we call context. Context allows you to only see projects and resources for either the team context you are in, or your personal context. You can switch context by using the left hand drop down on the dashboard or by using the manifold switch command on the CLI. On the dashboard - this means you will only see objects under that specific team and on the CLI you can now ignore all of the --team options that would need to be put in otherwise.

In the CLI, context can be overwritten by using the --team or the --me option.


Billing for teams works in the same way it does for your personal account. Once you or one of your team members adds a credit card, your team can start provisioning resources. At the end of the month, we calculate how much your team has spent and send the invoice to everyone on the team.

Coupons can be added to teams. Note that if you have added a coupon to your team, the coupon will not affect your personal account’s bill or any other team that you are on.

If you have any questions on how we calculate billing, feel free to email or hit the chat button at the bottom right.