Launch a Marketplace

Manifold's web components and supporting APIs enable you to deliver an integrated marketplace to your users, complete with our growing catalog of developer tools and services.

Manifold has three types of users:

  • Platforms (this section). Platforms host a marketplace and deliver services to their users. This is done by embedding Manifold's Marketplace-as-a-Service.

  • Providers. Providers are the service, APIs and other products listed on a Manifold powered marketplace.

  • Developers. Developers are the end users of Manifold powered marketplaces. They buy and manage services through our Platform marketplaces.

Use Manifold's web components to implement complex marketplace interfaces and interactions:

  • Display, search, and filter a product catalog

  • Display product and plan details

  • Purchase products to provision resources

  • Display resource details

If you need functionality that isn't currently available in our web components, you can request it, contribute it, or implement it locally in your own site using Manifold's GraphQL API.


Manifold's embedded marketplace architecture has three core components:

  1. Embeddable Web Components

Your web UI uses Manifold authentication to power embedded Web Components, which interact directly with the Manifold marketplace API to discover, provision, and manage resources.

Architecture diagram