To enable your platform to quickly react to changes in Manifold’s embedded marketplace, Manifold provides a webhook system which publishes events for certain actions in the marketplace. When one of these events is triggered, Manifold sends an HTTP POST payload to a webhook URL that’s unique to your platform.

Webhooks allow you to subscribe to events to help you build your integrations — for example, when one of your end users provisions a resource, you need to load the resource and its credentials into your platform.


Manifold currently sends the following events through its webhooks:




Notification when a user has successfully provisioned a resource on the Manifold marketplace.


Notification when a user has successfully deprovisioned a resource on the Manifold marketplace.

Note: Currently, all events are sent to the same platform-specific endpoint, and it’s not possible to filter by event.


Manifold marketplace events are sent as JSON objects which contain three fields: event, version, and data.

The event key contains the publishing event headers, and the version specifies the version of the event we’re publishing.

"event": "<event-type>",
"version": 1,
"data": {}

The data key holds a dynamic value that’s dependent on the event type.

Delivery Status

When Manifold publishes an event, Manifold records the delivery status. Successful deliveries have a response status code of < 400.

When delivery fails (response status code >=400), Manifold reattempts delivery up to 10 times using an exponential backoff mechanism.

When event delivery takes more than five seconds, it’s marked as failed, and delivery will be retried.