Sell in Marketplaces

Technical Integration

Kickoff Meeting

Our provider success team will schedule a kick-off call with you to go over all the things you need to know about integration steps, ask you a few questions about your service, show you relevant documentation on the process, and make a plan to proceed, including a contract to establish a shared vision on our provider/marketplace relationship.

At this point our team can answer any questions you might have about the integration process, or discuss your pricing and packaging in depth. We will also send you an invite for a Slack chat group with our team for realtime support during your integration.

Local Development

Your integration begins in development where you will implement two sets of API endpoints which dictate how your service can be used on Manifold:

  • Provider API – to take advantage of our billing, authentication, and provisioning features

  • Connector API – to retrieve information about your users' identity, role-based permissions, and purchases made

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Defining your plans and pricing

After you complete your technical integration, our provider integration team will reach out to you to collaborate on your plans and pricing. Read our plans and pricing documentation to see how you can map your features and pricing to ours. We support fixed price features, metered features, overage charges, add-ons, and more.

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Testing Your Integration

After local development is complete, our team will issue you live marketplace credentials to begin testing against our production marketplace. At this point you can review your integration, perform manual testing, fill out your banking information and perform final sign off.


Once the integration is signed off by your team and our provider success team, we’ll make your product generally available in the marketplace. Congrats, your product is live!