Frequently Asked Questions

What does integration entail? How long does it take?

Integration requires implementing a set of RESTful HTTP endpoints and using a CLI tool for testing them. We have two APIs that you’ll need to write endpoints for. Our Provider API enables you to take advantage of core Manifold developer value adds, like provisioning new services under one account, with one bill, receiving credentials without ever having to leave our interface. Our Connector API allows us to pull information from your service about who is provisioning a service, and provide you with that user data.

How many users do you have?

With the recent launch of our Marketplace-as-a-Service platform, your service will have visibility to over 12 million developers across multiple embedded marketplaces, in select developer-focused platforms. We are actively seeking additional platforms which will continue to expand your reach. What types of developers are you popular with? Due to the varied nature of marketplaces, we offer a mix of services that are compatible with a myriad of languages. There’s no real concentration of language, but there is lots of traction with the more popular languages like Javascript and Ruby. Each new provider brings more strength to a language community that can be reached on Manifold through marketing efforts.

I have a billing model that other marketplaces are unable to support... What type of billing do you support?

We see that concern being a major pain point in our industry; that’s why we support a robust billing engine that is flexible to accommodate nearly every request. We want to empower you to have whatever billing model works best for your business and not force you to painfully fit our mold.

On our marketplace, we support fixed monthly (with overages), metered (pay as you go), as well as add on features. If you have users for whom usage deviates from a standard plan model, we also offer custom plans so they can tweak features to fit their needs. Custom plans are especially helpful for enterprise offerings.

To learn more, please read our Plans and Pricing documentation.

How do I get paid after a developer purchases my service?

At the time of purchase, we’ll send the request to you (using our previously mentioned Provider API) and you’ll respond with a credential pair to give the user access to the service on Manifold. At the end of the month, we charge the developer for their usage. We have a success-based business model where we collect the money from the user, retain a portion as a revenue share, and send the remainder to you.