Pricing and Packaging

Plan Builder allows you to build pricing plans from a central location and maintain a single source of truth. Create new plans or update existing ones, publish them, and watch them get automatically updated wherever the Web Component is embedded.

Core Concepts


A Product is the identifier for a service you are offering. Your Products can be viewed on Plan Builder here. The Plan Builder tool represents a single Product at a time, which corresponds to a single Product per Plan Table web component.

Currently, Products are not visible on the Plan Table or any other web components we offer. The ability to further customize Products, such as editing names or deleting Products, is coming soon.


A Feature represents an attribute or utility of your service. Features determine the price of a Plan, and Products typically have multiple Features. Plan Builder offers six types of Features to help you define your pricing.



How to Use


A text description specific to each Plan.

  • Customize a text value for each Plan


An indicator of whether or not the Feature is included in a Plan.

  • Toggle the Feature on or off for each Plan

Pay-as-you-go (Metered)

A Feature which is billed per unit.

  • Set the unit

  • Determine the cost per unit

  • Define the maximum units available (limit) for each cost tier (-1 represents ∞ units available)

Multiple Choice

A list of Feature options for a user to choose from.

  • Provide a text description and cost for each option


An indicator similar to checkbox, but the user has the option to include or exclude the Feature.

  • Set the cost per month to the user for adding this optional Feature

Numeric Range

A numeric input value for the user.

  • Set the minimum and maximum value the user can request

  • Set an increment value for the numeric range

  • Optionally, you can outline multiple cost tiers and charge a different price depending on usage (-1 represents ∞, or your maximum value if defined)


A Plan is the pricing package of your service determined by its Feature values. Products typically have multiple Plans to give a user more options to suit their needs. A user can subscribe to a Plan, which determines what they are charged and what Features they have access to.

Billing and Subscription Model

You've no doubt spent a lot of time thinking about your features—they're what your business is all about. But, like many service providers, you may not have tackled your billing model(s) and the subscription period yet. These are essential aspects of your pricing and packaging.

Billing Model

A billing model describes how the cost to your end-user is calculated.



Type of Feature

Fixed Recurring

A recurring subscription for a predetermined allotment of features

Text, Checkbox, Toggle, Multiple Choice, and/or Numeric Range Feature types


Charge users for their consumption during the subscription period

Pay-as-you-go Feature type


Combination of Fixed Recurring with Metered features

Mixture of above Feature types


Charge based on the number of users who have access to the account

Proposed - not currently implemented

Subscription period

The subscription period determines the window of time for which the subscription is calculated. Plan Builder currently offers a monthly subscription period.





First of the calendar month



First of the calendar year

Proposed - not currently implemented


Date of resource creation

Proposed - not currently implemented


A hosted database provider which sells access to a specific spec of database

  • Billing model: Fixed Recurring

  • Subscription period: Monthly

An email provider which bills a user for each email they send

  • Billing model: Metered

  • Subscription period: Monthly

A file storage provider which offers allotted disk space and a price per additional GB

  • Billing model: Mixed—fixed recurring for disk space, and metered for each additional GB used during the billing cycle

  • Subscription period: Monthly