Getting Started

Get started with Plan Builder here. Plan Builder starts you with 4 Features and 3 Plans. You can add or remove as many Plans and Features as you need.

Customize Features

Edit Features by clicking any of the Features listed on the left. The right side bar will populate with all the features.

Plan Builder - Editing Features

For each Feature, choose your Feature type, edit the fields in the side bar and watch the table update. We've included more details on Feature types here. You can create additional Features using the "+" button on the lower left of the table.

Edit Plans

Edit Plans by clicking any of the Plans on the top row of the table.

Plan Builder - Editing Plans

For each Plan, disable or enable each Feature as needed. You can create additional Plans using the "+" button on the upper right of the table.


You can preview your embeddable Plan Table web component at any point using the Preview button. Share the URL from the browser with your team!

Save and Publish

If you already have a Plan Builder account, your changes auto-save as you work. Use the Save and Publish button to publish changes so they can be viewed on the Plan Table web component.

If you have not yet created an account, the Log In to Save button will allow you to name your new Product and create an account (it's Free!). This allows you to save your work, and gives you the access to the embeddable Web Component to use on your website.

Embeddable UI

Once your Plans are published, you can customize your Plan Table web component. Use the side bar on the Embeddable UI tab to rename your CTA button and set a URL to redirect your users to your marketplace.

Embeddable UI

The Embeddable UI tab also provides several small blocks of code used to deploy the Web Component. The second block of code includes embed code specific to the configuration of your Product and Plans. This should be shared with the development team deploying to your website.

More details on the Integration process are found here.


Once you have published your plans using the Web Component and have active users subscribed to your service, we strongly recommend creating a new Product if you want to update your Features and Plans. This will ensure your existing customers are not surprised by pricing and feature changes they didn't sign up for.

Coming soon: A versioning system that will make active products immutable, allowing existing customers to be unaffected by changes made to plans and features.